Saturday, 12 December 2015

how to install SQLMAP in Linux for hacking website

Installing SQLMAP in Ubuntu14.04 

/ 15.10, Kali linux, etc 

Python is pre-installed in Ubuntu so all you need to do is download sqlmap from sourceforge, unpack it into a directory and start your testing.

wget from

You can unpack it with a GUI based tool (double click on it) or use tar and gzip together with this command.

tar zxvf sqlmap-0.9.tar.gz

cd sqlmap

This should be your results when you run the script from a working installation:
    sqlmap/0.9 - automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

Usage: python [options] error: missing a mandatory parameter ('-d', '-u', '-l', '-r', '-g', '-c', '--wizard' or '--update'), -h for help
The above error shows that we have installed in our system, it is unconfigured right now, but
For a simple test we will use the HTTP GET testing option against a single uri.
python -u ''
This will run a bunch of sql injection tests against that URL with the parameter (id) being tested for SQL Injection.
SQLmap can be used to not only test but also to exploit SQL Injection, doing things such as extracting data from databases, updating tables and even popping shells on remote hosts if all the ducks are in line. All these options and examples are available on the excellent sourceforge project page. So now you have a working installation get on over there and start testing.

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